Meet Sillier Than Sally – The Expressive Water Colour Artist

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Sillier Than Sally’s (aka Sally Walsh’s) imaginative and vibrant water colour art will leave you in a happier and brighter place.

She creates lively, energetic and colourful gallery & commission art. Which includes figurative art, wildlife, avian and portraits (pet and people).

Her art is playful, loose & so full of life that her art almost leaps out of the page. You can see her artworks for sale here.

Sally is Kace Art’s February artist of the month so we decided to ask her seven questions to find out a little more about Sally Walsh and her art

1. Tell us some something about you and your background?

Hi there, I am Sally Walsh AKA Sillier Than Sally, a water colour artist. I live in sunny Sydney Australia with my two handful but cutepie little boys and my huggable over-logical husband. My working background pre “Sillier Than Sally” is made up of working as a Graphic Artist in the advertising world, animation at Disney, hospitality in the Rock ‘n’ Roll industry and with a quick stint in floristry and printing. Plus lots of fun and inspiring overseas adventures

2. Where did you get you’re your inspiration for Little Darlings?

My Little Darlings came about from one bunny painted at 4am one morning, I was doing 30 days of daily painting and she (Little Bunny) was born out of that, then of course I had to paint her some buddies, and now we have a whole cute gang of them = “Little Darlings”

3. Who are your biggest influences?

From an early age my biggest influence would be, Norman Lindsay (the Australian Artist) I found an art book of his delightfully naughty and engaging art in the library in year 10, and fell madly in love with his amazing art, and realised there was a place for my art in the world, as his work (like mine) was so different from the few mainstream “famous” artist work that was taught in schools.

Influences now are: there are too many to count, just open up Pinterest or Instagram and someone is creating something magical, that sparks the desire in me to add some more magic and a splash of happy to the world.

4. Which current art world trends are you following?

I am not big on following art trends, I kind of just stay in my lane, and do my thing….maybe that’s why there isn’t even an official name for my art style, besides “expressive water colour art”.

5. What memorable responses have you had to your work?

I love hearing how happy my art work makes people, that it just lights them up!
I’ve had some messages from people, that have made my heart burst with happiness, when they have expressed how my art adds so much happy to their day, or helps them through a rough patch.

6. Professionally, what’s your goal?

Professionally, my goal is to continue to be an artist…it’s an uphill battle for a lot of years to just BE a full-time artist. So I want to be able to continue to create, and on top of that, grow my little biz by adding more online classes, hosting an art retreat, branching out into more exciting art licensing projects, and taking over ALL the walls of the world with my art, one wall at a time…you know, small stuff like that, hehe.

7. Which of your artworks do you like the most?

I legit have a new favourite nearly every day🤣